The Future of Primary Care with Eden Health

Laura Cave
March 1, 2021

Eden Health is on a mission to make your employees healthier with enhanced primary care that fills the gaps left by traditional insurance and provider networks. In this episode, Eden Health’s VP of Sales, Joe Neil, joins us to share how their technologists, insurance experts, and providers are managing to deliver better health for employees and a better healthcare benefit that helps employers retain talent.

The gaps left by traditional primary care

After spending nearly a decade in the insurance business, Joe craved an opportunity to work with a tech supported solution that would help employees understand and get more value out of their health insurance. When he stumbled across the founding team at Eden Health, he jumped on board to help them scale their exciting new primary care solution. We started by asking Joe about the problems they’re looking to solve.

“49% of Americans have a stressful experience when it comes to the healthcare and insurance space,” Joe said. Whether that’s selecting their health insurance plan or finding a provider for preventive or acute medical care, consumers are struggling. 

It starts with getting access to a provider. But even when employees get access to a traditional primary care doctor, visits are often one-off transactions rather than an ongoing conversation about your care plan. If you need to go see a specialist, you’re on your own to figure out which specialist you can see and how your health plan will cover it. 

Eden Health’s Primary Care Solution

“Our vision is to make sure that every American can have a relationship with a trusted health provider.”

Eden Health’s enhanced primary care includes direct primary care, insurance navigation, and behavioral health, including talk therapy. Beyond that, they do care coordination to help members get care they may need from a specialist. Eden Health’s care teams act as advocates for the member’s health and they watch out for the member’s wallet, too, helping them save money where they can. 

They also work hard to make primary care more convenient. Members engage over Eden Health’s mobile app where they can speak with a provider on their care team. They can also come to a brick and mortar location in NY, NJ, and Chicago or visit a pop up location at a job site or at their office. However, since March of 2020, two thirds of care has been delivered virtually through their app so that members can get care without leaving home. 

Why better primary care matters for employers

By guiding employees through the healthcare system, Eden Health helps reduce the cost of repeat visits and duplicative testing and imaging services. Consistent preventive care can also help catch health issues earlier, resulting in less costly interventions and less time away from work.

Employers who implement Eden Health’s enhanced primary care see an average of 66% employee engagement—a much better participation rate than employers typically see with other ancillary benefits. 

Adapting to COVID-19

COVID-19 created a unique challenge for the traditional healthcare system because suddenly more people than ever needed regular COVID tests to go to work or travel. Eden Health was able to respond to this demand quickly by setting up convenient testing locations on job sites. They’re also prepared to help distribute the COVID vaccine.

To hear more about what Eden Health has in store for 2021, listen to the full episode.

Joe’s Resources

One book that has stood the test of time for Joe is The Maverick and His Machine by Kevin Maney. The book tells the story of Tomas Watson Sr. and the founding of IBM.  While the IBM salesman is a bit “old school,” Joe takes inspiration from the way they scaled their company with a focus on excellence and conviction around their products.    

To learn more about Eden Health you can visit their website at Note, this episode is for informational and educational purposes only. Joe Neil and Eden Health are not compensated, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Greenhouse Life Insurance Company.

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