The Power of the Human Touch with Ansel Member Services

Christine Latore
January 19, 2023

Today, far too many people face uncertainty when it comes to navigating their health insurance programs. They’re often left with unanswered questions or overwhelmed by having to navigate through complex paperwork they don't understand. The result? Members often miss out on big opportunities for financial support, often at times when they need it most. 

When we set out to build Ansel, we wanted to make things a little bit simpler. We started by designing our supplemental health insurance plan to be used by covering over 13,000 conditions and using game-changing technology to make filing claims easier than ever. But we knew that no matter how simple Ansel was to use, the best way to help real people on the road to recovery is with dedicated support every step of the way.

That’s why, at Ansel, we don’t forget the human touch. 

Ansel Member Services is a force of yes, in times when employees need it most. Their dedicated support model focuses on meeting employees where they are, and empowering them to make the most out of their coverage. 

To dig a little deeper, we sat down with Keith Cox, VP of Customer Success, and the Ansel Member Services team, Beth and Hope, to learn more about how they’re approaching Ansel members, and how they’re making a difference in real people’s lives today—

How a Ansel Member’s Journey Starts with a Human Touch

Keith attributes Ansel Member Services’ ability to connect with members in a meaningful way to three main things—

First, Ansel Member Services reaches out early. Members receive a welcome email series in their first few weeks of coverage that educates them on how to set up and use their coverage, access their available support options, and file claims. Plus, member care representatives give new members phone calls to answer any questions about registering or logging into their Ansel account if they hit any roadblocks along the way.

Second, Ansel Member Services makes claims painless, a time when members are often most overwhelmed because they’re often simultaneously dealing with a health issue or incident. Member care representatives reach out to Ansel members via phone if there’s an issue with their claim directly if it’s been denied or needs further evidence, and also call to let them know once their claim status has been updated or approved to give members peace of mind. 

Finally, Ansel Member Services uses a dedicated support model, meaning a member will speak to the same representative on the phone every time they call. This is key in building trust, and helps eliminate any unnecessary repetition in terms of having to get a care representative up to speed. 

Ansel member care representatives are available to members from 8am-8pm E.T. Monday-Friday to answer any questions, or offer support. 

Ansel Member Services at Work

Keith, Beth, and Hope took some time to share some real-life examples of members who received benefits with Ansel, with dedicated support every step of the way— 

Ansel builds trust, one phone call at a time

John* called his member care representative to learn more about his new Ansel coverage. On the phone, she helped him register for his Ansel account by fixing an error in the system in real-time, and providing him tips & tricks along the way. When John mentioned that he’d experienced a recent medical event, his member care representative also walked him through how to file his first claim. Later that same day, John received a follow-up call to let him know his claim was approved, and that he would receive his benefit within the next 72 hours.

Ansel moves fast when emergencies happen quickly

Anna* called her member care representative from her hospital bed, where she had started a claim submission on her Ansel mobile app. She was unsure that she could complete the claim form, because she hadn’t yet received any paperwork about her medical condition, and from previous experiences with other coverage, didn’t think she could do so without it. Her member care representative assured her that even without discharge paperwork, she could use other forms of documentation (such as her IV bag, her hospital wristband, and the whiteboard on the wall in her hospital room). With this guidance, Anna filed her claim in minutes, which was approved in 24 hours. Later, when Anna had a subsequent claim for an additional diagnosis, it was also approved within 24 hours.

Ansel protects the people you care about most in days, not weeks

Steve* was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma. His wife’s employer had recently added Ansel to their team’s available benefits, so as a covered dependent Steve called in to find out more. He shared his diagnosis with the Member Services team, and with their help, was able to file claims and receive two catastrophic benefit payouts to his bank account the very same day.

Ansel uses medical data to make receiving benefits low touch, and high reward

Ashley* is currently battling breast cancer. Her employer has provided Ansel with access to their employees medical claims data on a quarterly basis so that members wouldn’t have to file claims in order to receive benefits. As a result, Ashley received benefits based on information obtained via her group’s claims file transmission. And while she had the opportunity to submit an additional claim on her own, this process allowed Ansel to take the burden off of her shoulders so she could focus on her treatment.

If you’d like to connect with Keith, you can message him on Linkedin. 

To learn more about how Ansel is showing up for real members today, check out our member stories. Or, if you’re curious what Ansel can do for you, check out our plan or get in touch. 

*Note: The anecdotes above are based on real-life scenarios, but no real names were used out of respect for our members and their privacy.