How Ansel Helped this Employer add a New Benefit with Confidence

Christine Latore
October 4, 2023

The Ansel team worked with an employer in the music and entertainment industry to offer a new supplemental health plan to their employees. 

The Challenge

An Austin-based employer in the music and entertainment industry was looking for a new voluntary benefit. With both critical illness and accident options already in place, they sought a different product that would meet the needs of their younger employee population.

The Solution

In partnership with a savvy broker partner, we leveraged our unique solution and tools to demonstrate to the employer how Ansel could enhance their health benefits strategy. Using our incidence analysis tool, we looked at the group’s medical claims data and were able to demonstrate how many Ansel benefits members could have been eligible for if they had the coverage in place. This showcased Ansel’s powerful utilization story—arming the broker with additional details spotlighting the plan’s wide-ranging coverage spanning 13,000+ conditions from cuts with stitches to cancer. As a result, the employer decided to place Ansel alongside critical illness as two voluntary options during annual enrollment. 

Additionally, Ansel’s ability to enable claims integration will allow us to leverage members’ medical claim information in the future to determine if a medical encounter will be covered under their Ansel plan. In other words, when armed with data, Ansel will make it possible for members of this group to receive benefits without having to file a claim. 

Enrollment for the Ansel product was orchestrated through a self-service platform. Educational materials also included a recorded webinar, during which the employer’s HR team highlighted the Ansel coverage, and even personally declared their own intent to purchase Ansel! In the end, 30% of employees chose Ansel during enrollment.

Keys to the Win

“Getting buy-in from the broker on a new, innovative supplemental health product was key to this implementation. We did this by clearly demonstrating the broad coverage Ansel offers, and by supporting our value proposition with data in the form of a claims analysis.” —Kevin Wolter, Regional Sales Director, Ansel

Incidence analysis that showcases utilization

Offering a benefit that brings real value to employees is paramount for employers. Ansel’s wide breadth of coverage, demonstrated through our claims analysis tool, was key to securing both the broker and the employer’s buy-in.

Claims integration model makes employees lives easier

Even though we made it easy for members to file claims, we know that sometimes, when dealing with a health issue, filing a claim or worrying about receiving a benefit can be stressful. That’s why we can use electronic health data to determine whether members are eligible for Ansel benefits, and file claims for members so they can focus on their recovery.

Wide-ranging coverage that fills in the gaps

Injuries and illnesses come in all shapes and sizes. Ansel is a plan that is built to be used. With over 13,000+ covered conditions across a wide spectrum (Moderate, Severe, and Catastrophic), employees have more reasons to file a claim, whether it’s for a cut with stitches or cancer.

If you've got a group in mind that could benefit from our supplemental health solution, we'd love to talk to you. Get in touch and a member of our team will reach out within a business day.