Empowering Employers to offer a Valuable Alternative to Voluntary Benefits with Ansel

Christine Latore
March 24, 2023

Recently, we worked with an Indiana employer in the sanitation goods industry to implement Ansel as a cost-effective, simple alternative to traditional voluntary plans so that employees could get coverage for more conditions and an easier way to access their supplemental benefits.

The Challenge

An Indiana-based employer fully sponsored three traditional plans for their employees— Critical Illness, Accident and Hospital Indemnity, but utilization of these offerings was low. Employees were looking for greater value out of their supplemental options with more coverage for a wider range of health events as well as a simpler way to file claims and receive benefits.

The Solution: Employer-funded Ansel

Knowing that the employer wanted to fully sponsor a Ansel plan without incurring any excessive costs, the Ansel team developed a plan design around their budget. The result was a Ansel proposal that offered a comprehensive plan with a broader range of coverage than the three existing inforce programs combined. 

Plus, Ansel’s ability to offer claims integration (the ongoing transfer of medical claims data so that Ansel has the necessary data to adjudicate without manual claim submission) further demonstrated the value of Ansel to the employer by eliminating obstacles in the claims submission process for members. 

After seeing the true value of the Ansel offering, the employer chose to add an executive buy-up program and expanded Ansel’s availability to a greater percentage of the group, and any dependents, on a voluntary basis.

Keys to the Win

“At Ansel, simplicity is at the heart of everything we do— easy for employers to implement, even easier for employees to use. That’s why people choose Ansel, even when other voluntary benefits are available to their team.” —Julia Engels, Regional Sales Director, Ansel

Wide-ranging coverage that is meant to be used

Injuries and illnesses come in all shapes and sizes. Ansel is a plan that is built to be used. With over 13,000+ covered conditions across a wide spectrum (Moderate, Severe, and Catastrophic), employees have more reasons to file a claim, whether it’s for a cut with stitches or cancer.

Claims integration model makes employees lives easier

Even though we made it easy for members to file claims, we know that sometimes, when dealing with a health issue, filing a claim or worrying about receiving a benefit can be stressful. That’s why we can use electronic health data to determine whether members are eligible for Ansel benefits, and file claims for members so they can focus on their recovery.

Spanish language support

Ansel recognized the demographics of this group and provided enrollment materials and member support in English and Spanish—removing any potential language barriers.

If you've got a group in mind that could benefit from our supplemental health solution, we'd love to talk to you. Get in touch and a member of our team will reach out within a business day.