Meet Ansel— Simple, Supplemental Health Insurance

Rhea Manwani
January 2, 2024

Hi, we’re Ansel (you might previously know us as Brella). 

We’re the same trustworthy and grounded insurance brand that employers and members alike know and love, but with a fresh new name that tells the story of our growth—

Since we built our simple supplemental health insurance product, we’ve achieved several important milestones. We’ve teamed up with leading brokerage firms across the country and continued to make our way towards nationwide availability (now available in 38 states in partnership with leading insurance carriers). We’ve added new features like claims integration and continue to offer best-in-class dedicated support to our members, which earned us an NPS score of 90 in 2023. 

We chose Ansel to mark a new chapter, while continuing to honor the mission we set out on years ago— to build a world where health hardships don’t create financial burdens:

Ansel, which translates to “protector” in German, signals our first commitment to our members: shielding them from the financial pressures of unforeseen health events. Alongside a new name and word mark, we’ve welcomed several new elements into the Ansel brand family, including imagery that celebrates our new name.

If you’re a broker or benefits consultant wondering what this means for you and your clients, here’s what you need to know:

What’s changing?

Our name. Some core brand elements have also been added to our visual identity.

When is this happening?

As of today, you can call us Ansel.

Does it impact coverage?

No! Our unique supplemental health benefit that covers 13,000+ conditions and pays cash upon diagnosis will not be impacted by the new brand in any way, so your clients can rest easy.

We know you may have additional questions, and our team is standing by to help. To learn more, get in touch.