Ansel’s Modern Supplemental Health Insurance Plan Now Offers Direct Billing

Rhea Manwani
April 11, 2022

We envision a world where health hardships don’t create financial burdens, and that means offering health benefits that don’t add administrative burdens to overtaxed employers. With the pandemic turning workplaces upside down and unprecedented employee turnover, employers need simple, easy to administer benefit solutions to help them attract and retain valuable employees. 

We had our employer clients in mind when we built a dynamic proposal, a paperless implementation process, a standalone enrollment platform, and an employer portal that makes admin easy. Today we’re proud to announce the next step in that journey— Ansel now comes with the option to direct bill employees. 

Direct billing eliminates the need to set up and manage another payroll deduction. When employees pay Ansel directly, there’s no monthly employer bill and no complicated adjustments and reconciliations. Employers still hold the group policy and control employee eligibility. They manage their group’s new hires, terminations, and changes, but employees pay their own premiums—which sets busy HR teams free to manage other important priorities. 

Direct bill is available to groups of all sizes offering Ansel on a voluntary basis, and if an employer wants to fund a portion of the premiums, employees can pay premiums for upgraded coverage directly to Ansel

Employees can set up electronic payments with a credit/debit card or bank draft after they make their plan elections via Ansel’s standalone enrollment platform, Ansel Enroll. Electronic payments are secured and processed by best in class payment vendors. In just a few clicks, employees will be set up to make recurring, secure payments just as they do through today’s most popular subscription services. Payment by paper check is also available.

Direct billing comes at a time when groups are struggling to retain employees and employers are facing a whole new set of challenges in light of the pandemic. Any new solution must include modern benefits administration that eliminates unnecessary administrative headaches. By simplifying billing, we’ve made it easier for brokers and employers to take action before next annual enrollment and embrace our supplemental health solution in 2022. 

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